SimpleCyberSurvival 3

SimpleCyberSurvival is the simple and fun Minecraft server from the SimpleCyber Network!


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Version: 1.14.4

SimpleCyberSurvival 3

SimpleCyberSurvival is the simple and fun Minecraft server from the SimpleCyber Network!

Are you tired of mods slowing down or crashing your game? Are you tired of things being too overly complicated or stressful? Do you want a simple Minecraft survival server to play on? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the SimpleCyberSurvival Minecraft server is just for you! SCS doesn't overcomplicate the survival experience with leveling or ranks. It's just the vanilla experience so many people love.

We don't stop at vanilla though. No, we've creaed an intuitive command system that keeps you informed and allows for great functionality without messing with gameplay. We also feature GriefPrevention, so all of your builds are protected from the fists of others.



  • DeathMessagesPrime - Allows us to have custom death messages.
  • WorldEdit - An extremely powerful world editing tool for filling areas and copying structures.
  • EpicRename - Allows for the renaming of items with colour codes via /rename and /relore.
  • JoinMessagesPlus - Allows for custom join/leave messages.
  • PermissionsEx - Manages the server's permission and group hierarchy.
  • SetSpawn - Allows for a convenient /spawn command.
  • ChatEx - Our server's chatting engine that supports group based prefixes.
  • MyCommand - Allows us to integrate external scripts into server functionality.
  • WorldGuard - Allows us to protect spawn and allow certain things in certain areas.
  • Essentials - A huge amount of super convenient commands to make everyone's life easier.
  • SuperVanish - Allows admins to dissapear.
  • GriefPrevention - Allows for players to protect their content from others' malicious activities.
  • TitleManager - Manages our playerlist header and footer.
  • Vault - Manages the server economy.
  • HolographicDisplays - Allows us to create holograms that display text.
  • Dynmap - Allows us to host full world maps of the server.
  • CrazyAuctions - Allows players to auction off items to other players.


General Rules

  • Treat players with respect and kindness.
  • Don't abuse the power you have.

World Rules

  • Don't steal items from players or their unprotected chests.
  • All items have a price and nothing should be given away for free.
  • Don't take advantage of unprotected builds.
  • Don't create inappropriate structures, keep it PG-13.
  • Don't build large-scale automatic farms (> 1500 items/hour).
  • Don't use exploits including block/item duplication.
  • Don't use modded/hacked clients.
  • Don't use xray resourcepacks.

Chat Rules

  • Protect the identities of other players, unless they give you explicit permission to expose them.
  • Think before you type.
  • Don't take advantage of chat censoring by using Dynmap chat, direct messages, HeloOp, etc.
  • Don't advertise! We want to keep the people we have, not lead them somewhere else.
  • Don't send non-Minecraft related links in chat.

More Info

Punishments will vary depending on what rule you break and how bad you break it. Also, not all of these rules apply to all users, for example, if you're a default player, you can help someone out, though it would be best to have them pay you.


Cyber (Owner)

  • IGN: CyberGen49
  • Nick: Cyber
  • Contact:

AdsidTFD (Co-Owner)

  • IGN: AdsidTFD
  • Contact:
    • Discord: AdsidTFD#7172

Additional Info

This server has various internal features like ClearLag, advertising, automatic restarts, server statistics, and world backups that are handled by Cyber's own Server Runtime. If you're interested in the innerworkings of the system, join SCN's Discord server!

If you're thinking about starting a server of your own, our article about creating a Spigot server can help!